INFORM, verb \in-fawrm\: to impart information.

In today’s dynamic business environment, architecture, engineering and construction leaders need to be informed about changing trends to make optimal business decisions. Our resources provide tools and information to maneuver today’s changing landscape.

+ Book
The Prospector: A Guide to Developing Clients & Winning Work in a Competitive Environment
+ Tools
Go/No Go Assessment worksheet
+ Audio / Video
"Best Practices in Business Development," TH505, AIA Virtual Convention 2013
"More Wisdom of the Ages: Business Developmet," 2013 AIA PMKC Webinar Series
"Best Practices in Business Development," 2012 AIA PMKC Webinar Series [more info]
"P3 for BD," PSMJ Webinar (registration required, Windows only)
"Shaman to Rainmaker," kTalk, aecKnowledge (7:55)
“Trends in Human Resources for 2010” (mp3: 20.4 MB, 1:25:05)
“Project Financing for Architecture—What is the Real Outlook?” (1:21:31)
• “Growth, Design, and Profits” (mp3: Part 1, 22.9 MB, 25:00 | Part 2, 24.6 MB, 26:50 | Part 3, 5.3 MB, 5:50)
+ Articles
"Engineering Her Own Path in a Main Dominated Industry," The Mount, Winter/Spring 2013
"The Road Well Traveled (Is One With a Map)" PSMJ, Nov 2012
"Best Practices in Business Development" PMKC Webinar, Oct 18, 2012
"The Equation for Failure" Project Management, Sep 2012
"Ask the Expert" PSMJ, Sep 2012
"The Slippery Slope of Staff Augmentation" PSMJ, Aug 2012
"Business Development: Black Art or True Science?" A/E Marketing Journal, Jul 2012
"Brand Management: A Full Time Job" A/E Marketing Journal, Apr 2012
"New Laws Mean New Opportunities for the A/E/C Profession" A/E Marketing Journal, Feb 2012
"Public-Private Partnerships (P3s): Part 1—Anatomy of a P3" A/E Marketing Journal, Apr 2011
"Multi-level Marketing: What Other Business Models Can Teach Us" AIA
"Fixing Communication—The Employees’ Universal Complaint" PSMJ, Feb 2011
+ News/Events
aecKnowledge Announces Knowledge Partnerships with Industry Speaks and SmartRisk, aecKnowledge, June 27, 2012
Los Angeles Headquarters Association Annual Awards Luncheon, Real Estate Bisnow, May 12, 2011
+ Alberta Association of Architects
AAA Exercise, pdf
Workshop Powerpoint, ppt