THINK, verb [thingk]: to form or have in mind.

A3K Consulting is an integrated business management firm specializing in the built environment. By engaging firm partners, principals and leaders of organizations we are able to develop transformative business solutions that reflect an organization’s long- and short-term goals. Our approach focuses on optimizing all operations—including human resources, finance, management, business development and marketing—and creating custom reports and strategic plans that guide your firm in addressing business challenges.

Our leaders are business professionals in the areas of accounting and finance, human resources management and business development/marketing. Their expertise not only shapes and informs the development of our plans, but is a reliable and continued source of support during implementation.

Firm Founder Karen Compton, a business/business development leader in the architecture, engineering and construction community for more than 15 years, established A3K Consulting to provide design professionals with customized tools that translate strategic, business and business development plans into actionable and achievable goals. Her philosophy is simple, “the value in business planning is not the document in and of itself. That serves only to provide information for decision making which promotes the growth and success of a firm. The value in business planning is in the ability to translate that plan’s direction into achievement.”